We are a global network of change leaders who envision new possibilities for today and future generations. Through our initiatives, we amplify the voices and efforts of our fellow OPTyvists through cocreative solutions, engaging media, education, and community mobilization. Together, we seek to expand awareness, spark action, and guide our communities back to the path of sustainability.

OPTimal Self


OPTimal Self awakens the experiential journey of Whole Being Wellness and deeper purpose. With courage and an open heart, the path towards integrative wellness – through mind, emotions, intuition, soul, and heart – invites clarity, inner discovery, and vitality throughout all facets of life. The OPTimal Self experience offers guidance and solutions to explore personal enrichment and evolution, elevate awareness, and attune deeper within. Cocreative communities of transformative guides, healers, and coaches across a broad spectrum of expertise support individual empowerment through our OPTyvist platform, sparking the emergence of a new collective consciousness thriving in vibrant Whole Being Wellness.


Connected Business


A Connected Business thrives on conscious cocreation and abundant reciprocity, as opposed to an obsolete competition and scarcity paradigm. When elevated, the soul of a business innately guides the vision and unique architecture for its higher purpose and sustainable contributions to our world. Through Integrated Sustainability and cocreative endeavors, businesses innovate to serve global needs while equally promoting renewable abundance. Replacing competitive structures with shared sustainable value empowers business ecosystems to reimagine and actualize their fullest expression across success, impact, and purpose.


Universal Education


Universal Education embraces the art of possibility through global access to inspired learning activities that engage learners' heads, hearts, and hands. The emergence of adaptive learning and predictive analytics has already begun to empower teachers and students alike, and breakthroughs in nontraditional schooling methods, along with advances in tools that foster open feedback and collaboration, provide ways for all children to connect with the world around them. Valuing creativity and literacy equally, accessible and affordable education technologies represent a universal right for all.


Food Revival


Food Revival invokes the return to sacred relationships between Earth, our food and water systems, and human health and wellness. Through broader adoption of a farm to table lifestyle and increased awareness of plant-based diet benefits, the environmental impact of food systems can be significantly mitigated. We believe that access to nutritious food is a fundamental human right, and with an ever-growing population, it is critical that we work to create and promote sustainable systems that strengthen the interconnected food web. By supporting small and medium-scale organic farmers who provide access to pure, non-modified nourishment, we further strengthen local economies and deepen our connection with the Earth. In evolving the way we select and consume our food, we advocate healthy ecosystems that reciprocally nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.


Vibrant Cities


A Vibrant City meets the felt needs of all community members and fosters harmony with nature; in order to re-design the way we live, we must find ways to optimize resource consumption and revise urban planning. As principles and strategies around zero-waste design and green building intelligence continue to evolve, the goal of creating thriving community ecosystems and a global 'cityhood' becomes more attainable. Vibrant Cities foster community mobilization to reverse climate change, promote Sustainable Technology, and drive the stewardship necessary for thriving workspaces, natural green spaces, and vibrant living for all.


Woman INpowered


Woman INpowered sparks awareness, action, and healing of recurrent imbalances between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within each of us and throughout our world. We inspire resonance through empathy, intentional recognition of similarities, and celebration of differences, in contrast to cultures of individualism, competition, patriarchy, size, and egoism. Collective transformation of power dynamics is imperative to put an end to human trafficking, sexism, discrimination, and violence. We aspire to achieve equal opportunity and access for girls and women globally, particularly interconnected with Universal Education, Soulware, and all core OPTyvist initiatives.


The sacred feminine energy flowing through all humans – inclusive of all genders – holds the power to transform our world. Through honoring and nurturing the divine feminine gifts bestowed upon each of us, we may harness the compassion, love and strength to put an end to the oppression and mistreatment of women and girls. Women empowered by authority over their bodies, souls, aspirations and knowledge will bring about new levels of global abundance and sustainability. Woman INpowered amplifies the unique voices of millions of unheard girls and women in order to fulfill our dream of a balanced and compassionate humanity.



Soulware sparks the movement for the cocreation of digital technology that transcends boundaries, celebrates diversity, brings people together, and strengthens the fabric and sustainability of our communities. Its inspiration illuminates the future intersections of our virtual and physical universes. By fulfilling the needs of collaborative communities and amplifying personality in digital interactions, Soulware mitigates the challenges of human-computer interaction and infuses play and joy in order to attract people from all global reaches and walks of life. The future of technology will no longer be solely rooted in the roles of developers and engineers and the limitations of software as we understand and use it today. The technological paradigm has shifted. How will you contribute to the empowerment of others through purpose-driven technology? Join the Soulware movement!




Empowered entrepreneurs

Empowered entrepreneurs bring intentional dreams to life through inspired vision, active voice and walking the path of Higher Purpose. Our OPTyvist Cocreative empowers an aligned, interconnected network of resources, tools, innovative guidance and purpose-centric investment to elevate conscious businesses and ventures into expansive potential. We design, embody and model the blueprint of authentically Connected Business and sustainable lifestyles as integrative antidote to past paradigms of size, power and profit-driven commercial business. Our thriving Cocreative invites compassionate heart and soul to heal and restore humanity's relationship with one another and our Sacred Earth, with grounded presence and optimistic hope for our future generations.



Uplifted Youth


REgeneration bridges the generational divide by providing a platform for cocreative community and reciprocal mentorship with those in our younger generations. By empowering and providing a safe space for young people to explore and feel heard, REgeneration sparks optimism transcending all generations towards a bold, new era. From Millennials to GenZ to the coming OPTyvist REgeneration -- our rapid evolution has begun. We elevate youth into vibrant pathways of inspiration, introduction, and cocreation via impactful movements and aligned community. REgeneration affirms the higher purpose calling and invites hope in restoring and fostering our New Earth.