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Let's create a place for personal transformation and growth ...
A place to connect with others who share our passions and purpose
A place for cocreating solutions that enrich the diverse life across our planet
A place for sharing abundance while doing meaningful work
A place for going beyond conversations to inspire measurable action and impact
Let's create a place to bring our vision and dreams to reality

Our Vision For a Sustainable World

Our world today faces unprecedented issues. Ecosystems around our planet are in decline – oceans are polluted and depleted; deforestation and conventional agricultural and farming practices exacerbate climate change; carbon dioxide (CO2) pollutes the atmosphere at alarming rates; fellow human beings are marginalized and exploited; animal and plant 

species extinction and habitat loss spread at unnatural rates. Unconscious human behaviors and over-consumption are destroying our planet, primarily for the sake of economic growth and 'the bottom line.'  


While many corporations and organizations are awakening to the fact that these trends cannot persist any longer, we have reached a critical tipping point where merely talking about these issues is not enough; we must authentically expand words into inspiration, action, and measurable reparative impact. We must protect and restore our natural resources through an evolution in the ways that we run our businesses and lives. OPTYVA believes that the revitalization of our ecosystems begins when organizations elevate People, Planet and Purpose considerations above the bottom line, and when individuals awaken to conscious consumerism and sustainable lifestyles. A new world economy founded upon purpose-integrated business,

cocreative communities, and equitable shared abundance will serve as the hallmarks of a truly Sustainable World. 


OPTYVA envisions a world where individuals and organizations alike invest conscious efforts to preserve our environment and natural resources to ensure that future generations and all forms of life will thrive across the globe. We envision healthful, vibrant communities that celebrate differences and gravitate around collaboration, inclusion and optimism. We cocreate environments that prioritize biodiversity, clean energy production, low impact food systems, resilient ecosystems and interconnectedness. We aspire to a collective consciousness that values empathy, awareness, purpose, empowerment and social equity. We envision a world where every organization and every individual takes the initiative to fully transform their environmental, social and economic repercussions into net neutral or net positive impact.


How do we bring our vision for a Sustainable World to fruition? We cross-pollinate ideas, inspirations and best practices for restoring our planet to its sacred design. We commit to sustainable practices in all aspects of commerce and consumption.   We spark the inner flame deep within us, the light that connects every living being to one another and our Earth. We lead through heart, compassion, generosity and reciprocity. We experience and share in this sustainability journey together.


OPTYVA founded a collaborative space where community members, change leaders and mentors can go beyond conversations to inspire compelling action and impact. Through our OPTyvist Cocreative, we empower individuals and organizations to connect for the purposes of expanding awareness and elevating impact within their communities. Through our Integrated Sustainability Model balancing People – Planet – Purpose, we guide businesses and organizations to endeavor upon authentic, transparent sustainability. Together, we will cocreate solutions and achieve all that is vital to restoring balance and vibrancy in our precious ecosystems and human interconnections.

We are passionate, energetic and innovative organizations and individuals who believe that through collaborative cocreation, we will inspire and attract global transformation. We invite you to join our expanding community of mentors, inspirationalists and change leaders, each aligned to our shared OPTyvist purpose...

Empowering the Cocreation

of a Sustainable World

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