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Project Purpose

Project Purpose


Our beautiful and abundant planet provides everything needed by the many diverse forms of life that inhabit it, when we live in balance and harmony with the natural world. At one time, humanity understood that we are woven into the fabric of nature – relying on it for air, water, nutrients and spiritual sustenance – and that all life forms flourish when natural world design is preserved. This wisdom has been forgotten by many societies, yet remains the core essence of regenerative sustainability.

OPTYVA guides individuals and organizations back to this remembering of our innate relationship with our sacred Earth, to empower a conscious evolution of our collective human spirit. We inspire the journey of reconnection through higher purpose as a intrinsic pathway of discovery towards sustainability. We launched Project Purpose to galvanize holistic transformation through the interconnections between authentic organizations, awakened individuals, and purposeful technology.  

People - Planet - Purpose



We developed the Integrated Sustainability Model to spark awareness and authentic discussion about sustainability and societal transformation across various facets of People, Planet and Purpose. As a sustainability assessment framework, the 'PPP Model' was cultivated through the research of a diverse set of businesses and NGOs, arriving at a spectrum of indicators that serve as guidance and measures along the sustainability journey.   


Learn more about our Research and Development process and the design of the Integrated Sustainability Model through applied Organizational Assessments.

Rainforest Suspension Bridge
Whole Being Wellness

Whole Being Wellness


Our Whole Being Wellness Model serves as a guide for individuals, families, and communities on the journey of integrated wellness and sustainable living, inspiring deep inner discovery. Each path is unique, fluid and ever-evolving for each individual – arriving at the enlightened realization that there is never a final destination in redefining OPTimal Self along the personal wellness journey.

Primary domains of the Whole Being Wellness Model:

  • Community: Friends + Family, Cocreators, Career + Prosperity

  • Earth Connection: Healthful Home, Mobility + Travel, Stewardship

  • Vitality: Nourishment, Energy Flow, Purpose + Passions



Soulware sparks the movement for the cocreation of digital technology that transcends boundaries, celebrates diversity, brings people together, and strengthens the fabric and sustainability of our communities. Its inspiration illuminates the future intersections of our virtual and physical universes.

By fulfilling the needs of collaborative communities and amplifying personality in digital interactions, Soulware 

mitigates the challenges of human-computer interaction and infuses play and joy in order to attract people from all global reaches and walks of life. The future of technology will no longer be solely rooted in the roles of developers and engineers and the limitations of software as we understand and use it today. The technological paradigm has shifted. How will you contribute to the empowerment of others through purpose-driven technology? Join the Soulware movement!

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